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You Spoke, We Listened. Elk Head Chinos are Back and Better than Ever.



We made Chinos even easier to wear (and love). 

We’ve been making Chinos for years. Now, we’re making them better.


As some of us return to the office after this the era of super-relaxed workplace fashion (Zoom calls don’t necessarily require pants…) the stress of figuring out just what to pull out of the closet and onto our bodies every morning has returned for many of us. Fortunately, some old standbys are still around. Like the classic, timeless Chino.


Even better though is the fact that we used the time off to re-think the Elk Head Chino with input from our customers. Here’s what we did, and why it matters.


New fit.


Elk Head’s most vocal pants-wearers told us they wanted something more relaxed but still tailored. And rather than simply acknowledge that paradox, we made tings a bit roomier through the hips and waist but kept the modern taper down to the ankle. The result is a truly no-brainer pair of everyday pants that feel amazing sitting, standing or walking, and pull off a clean, little-bit-natty cut that makes them read a bit more like suiting than typical biz-casual wear. 


New fabric.


We worked with a legacy Italian weaver to develop new chino fabric that’s softer,  a little weighted and has a more interesting texture to its weave. But that’s a lot of detail. What you need to know is that this wonder-material still has a little stretch (3% to be exact), which just makes them easy to move around in all day and doesn’t result in afternoon slouch. 


Edited colors.


Decision fatigue is real. So, we made choosing what pair to buy or wear super easy by reducing the available colors to just the ones our customers loved — and purchased — the most. So now, rather than ponder mixing and matching, you can choose dark or lighter green, classic camel and deep navy and know that they’re pretty much perfect with anything you throw on on top. 



Have a style question, a comment on the cut or material of our clothes or just want to vent about how getting dressed shouldn’t be so HARD? Drop us a line, and/or sign up for our newsletter to get more stuff like this in your inbox.

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