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Timex Archive Navi Depth 38mm Fabric Strap Watch


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The Timex Archive project combines several decades of standout watch design with the modern know-how we’ve acquired along the way, a true expression of watchmaking values we’ve upheld since the beginning. As part of our Pioneers series, the Navi Depth watch takes inspiration from our most iconic dive-inspired watch designs. With a water resistance rating of 100 meters this timepiece is as at home on the water as it is on land, perfectly suited for surface sports and shallow skin diving or snorkeling. It features dial markings informed by vintage diving timepieces; before wrist-mounted diving computers became the standard, a watch like this would have helped its wearer plan out decompression stops when returning to the surface after a deep dive. The watch’s stainless-steel case and sporty design are complemented by a sturdy fabric wrist strap that stays comfortable all day long (whether you’re getting in the water or staying topside).