Petite Mug | Splash Glaze

$36.00 USD

The new small mug is the perfect size for a cortado, cappuccino or double espresso. If you like to drink your beverage while it's still hot then get a refill, this is the mug for you.

The One of a Kind splash glaze is a tactile delight. If you're a fidgeter like Rebecca, the difference in textures between the smooth glaze and raw clay creates a wonderful surface to trace and explore while sipping. It's quite a lovely way to self soothe during a meeting where you're "supposed" to sit still or when you're feeling extra fidgety. We're not saying it's a mug only for neurodivergents, but if you happen to be, it's quite a satisfying cup.

  • holds 6 oz comfortably or 8 to the tippy top of the rim
  • microwave safe
  • dishwasher safe
  • smooth handle
  • indentation for a little extra knuckle space or fiddling with
  • handmade by real humans in Indianapolis, Indiana on the potter's wheel
  • no two are completely identical even though we are really good at freehand throwing the same size over and over. This is the best part of handmade
  • embrace the beauty of each mug's unique variations
  • glazed to order. Please allow 1-3 weeks for shipping.

Shirting, Chinos and Denim

Machine wash cold with like colors | Gentle cycle | Only non-chlorine bleach if needed | Low tumble dry (Hang dry for best results)  | Warm iron if needed


Machine wash cold with like colors | Gentle cycle | Lay flat to dry 






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